In the spring our Rhythmic classes partner with Creative Acrobatics to put on fabulous performance showcasing the talents and abilities of all our participants.  

Our spring Kids Show is held in the big top of the FSU "Flying High" Circus, and we feature some of FSU Circus performers as guest artists in the show!   We are extremely proud of our Kids Show. The combination of all our performers make for a unique performance and one that we hope all enjoy!

All our students get to perform in the show!

Students in our Rhythmic classes are eligible for a discounted monthly rate at Creative Acrobatics if they wish to participate in both the rhythmic and the circus acrobatics part of the show! 

For more information about the Creative Acrobatics circus program click HERE.

Performance fee:

There is a one-time performance fee for our rhythmic gymnastics participants of $155.00

This fee will buy your child:

-One beautiful show costume $75 (Look at our show photos to get an idea of what our costumes look like).

-One best quality rhythmic gymnastics apparatus $65 (ball, hoop, rope or ribbon).

-A beautiful medal for their hard work and performance $15.

A total of $155 dollars for all 3 items that your child will get to keep and take home after the show!

*Performance fee is due no later than in the month of November before our break.

Costumes must be ordered on December 1st or we won't get them on time for our show.