Competitive Rhythmic


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There are two Rhythmic Gymnastics programs. Both are through USA Gymnastics.

Rhythmic Xcel Program:

The Xcel program is a fun and very friendly program for beginner gymnasts. With less requirements and kinder judging, it teaches beginner gymnasts to compete. Every gymnasts is judged based on how well they perform their routine and all will get a gold, silver or bronze medal according to their performance score. 

In the Xcel program there are different levels. Level A as the lowest and level D as the highest. 

The Xcel program practices 2-3 times a week. Gymnasts in this program attend 3 competitions in the season and end with our spring show performance. 

Junior Olympic Program:

Rhythmic Gymnasts in the United States are split into competitive levels ranging from 3 to 10, Juniors National Team, Seniors National Team- as the highest.  Gymnasts are placed into each level (3-8) based on age, interest, skill, dedication, and coach’s recommendations.

There are 5 rhythmic Gymnastics apparatus: floor, rope, hoop, clubs and ball. There are 3 or 4 apparatus assigned for each level. Every year depending on the level, they leave one or two apparatus out.

Level 3

~The goals for the Level 3 are to have a fun and rewarding gymnastics experience and to develop competitive gymnastics skills.

~The girls compete with 3 routines:  

~Only one leotard is permitted for all 3 routines.

~Our focus will be on teaching basics of rhythmic gymnastics and on developing strength, flexibility and proper gymnastics apparatus technique, as well as teaching basics of classical ballet and dance.

~Gymnasts use the same music and routines.

~After successful completion of Level 3 a gymnast advances to Level 4.

Level 4

~The goals for the Level 4 are to have a fun and rewarding gymnastics experience, master the skills learned in Level 3 and the skills of a higher value, and to develop competitive gymnastics skills.

~The Level 4 Team is competing with 3 routines.

~Only one leotard is permitted for all 3 routines.

~Gymnasts from the same team use the same music and routine.

~After successful completion of Level 4, a gymnast will advance to Level 5.

Level 5-8

~Athletes develop responsibility, sportsmanship, self-discipline, concentration, creativity and competitiveness.

~The gymnasts compete with floor and 3 apparatus from hoop, ball, rope, clubs and ribbon (depending on the level).

~Only 2 leotards are permitted in Level 5.

~Starting Level 6 gymnasts may have 4 different leotards.

~After successful completion of each Level a gymnast advances to the next level.

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